In today ’s video, gentleman, these five rules every man needs to know when to wear Suede. Rule number one is appearance. A lot now Of men refuse to wear suede because, to be honest, they don’t know how to wear it. With them There may be excuses, ah, this is feminine or has nothing to do with my wardrobe. Men, that’s a lot of BS. the reason Suede is an amazing fabric that adds complexity to clothes and it adds another dimension.

It adds texture. So whenever we see things, we see colors, we see shapes, we see patterns. You almost know that. But do you know when you see things? You also imagine in your own mind that you even want to really touch it Do n’t touch things, you know our senses, so we can – we get feel. Whenever you see someone wearing texture A piece of clothing, whether it ’s a sweater suede jacket or they have suede A pair of boots, you can imagine, what do you know? What it feels like It actually produces a feeling, emotion. That emotion is huge. Whenever we encounter something, whenever we encounter someone, we get closer and closer to them, that is The power of texture and the power of suede. Can it really build trust? You are more approachable, especially ladies.

And, let’s go back to how suede adds complexity Look at you. So when you look at another item you wear; cotton jeans, cotton Men’s shirts that are actually tight are a bit shiny luster. You have a sports jacket with wool inside Suddenly, you introduced suede to your boots. Now this is Different from all other items you have, dressing and its role is to create a sense of hierarchy The complex appearance makes people feel attractive. The second commandment. You want to protect Your suede. So before we go any further, let’s take a look at the elephant in the room, water. You may have heard that suede gets wet easily, and yes, Suede and water do not mix together. So this is a problem for many people Put on your shoes because it’s going to get wet. its Gloomy, gray, it rained earlier today, do you want to wear suede in the environment Yes, you might wet it and damage it. So what I want to tell you is beautiful so cool. In fact, it may change your opinion about suede and water resistance.

Weather safety Suede look at this. Ok. Here we go to pour water WeatherSafe suede. You notice the water just boiled away. why? Because WeatherSafe Suede is hydrophobic and basically repels water. Ok. Great, but how do I use light suede? Ok let I tell you. As you can see, WeatherSafe suede is amazing, in my opinion it is You should always look for suede products when buying. Now gentlemen, all WeatherSafe suede boots I show you in today ’s video, Can be snatched from Thursday’s boots, sponsor today’s video now, I’ve been wearing I have loved Thursday boots for years because I love the purpose of this company.

Its The mission is to provide high-quality men’s boots like yours at an affordable price. They have various styles and they focus on quality building. Correct Here I have a pair of explorers. What i like about them, they have Vibram only. If you are unfamiliar, it is a really hard sole that can walk on all feet One day, I need to be comfortable and rebound. They also have the correct calf in the center. It’s expensive. With them Put them there so that they actually bounce back and the launch will last longer.

Shoelaces, they use Kevlar laces. They last longer and look great. They are like I said WeaterSafe suede here so you can get these When wet, these things can make you rough and still look great. Maybe you want something more stylish? Look at the thief Jodhpur. This is here Inspired by riding boots. You can tell the length of the heel, this is great Appearance style, I definitely like to buckle here. Look at these chukkas In weather-resistant suede.

I absolutely love this. If you are not familiar with chukka Also called desert boots. It definitely looks great with jeans. let us Don’t forget Chelsea style. What do i like about this if you are a traveler By safety, slipping, really comfortable boots are really great. All Thursday boots are constructed from Goodyear welts. Basically, shoes can solve, Will unite under pressure. And the upper part, the material used here, Used some of the best leather to find shoes there. Guys, I linked to Thursday’s boots and walked in today ’s video description Look at them, guys. Use that link description. So how to protect suede, especially if it’s not WeatherSafe or you don’t even have Determine if it has ever been treated? You got a suede jacket, you actually picked it up A few years ago in a thrift store.

You have to assume that all suede you own is not weather Resistance and treatment. So you can go there and spend a few dollars on a silicone spray And you are going to basically spray your entire coat, shoes, belts No matter what suede you have, you want to make sure it is treated. How often do you want to be treated? If you are I recommend wearing it regularly At least once a month. Now, note that this is important. Before you treat anything, Make sure to test in a small area if it is a light suede product, because You may be discolored if it is a cheap product or worn out Not specifically made for suede. Seriously, I have heard horror stories People use leather polishes, leather conditioners. What you are going to use is basically a spray Will be in the material.

Now, what do you do when you get salty Your suede shoes or suede jacket get a mark or what and how you get rid of How about it? Your first choice is to use a cleaner specifically made for suede. you are Will usually be able to notice them because they will have a little Brush up here. So you have to spray on the material and then you will use the brush Wipe off stains or marks.

So what if there is no suede cleaner? Well, you can actually use the eraser to continue using suede and remove small stains. You can also get a toothbrush with just a little vinegar, preferably one Remove the white bristles and use a little vinegar to remove the stains. Now, what if it rains outside then put on a suede jacket You have no treatment, are you worried that you will be damaged? Ok turn it Wear it from the inside out and get on the train quickly.

Don’t make a complete Jerry Sunfield And, you know, swallow your pride. It’s okay, it’s best to keep suede. Now, what if you get unprotected suede and get it wet? Ok. Not everything is lost. It really depends on the quality and type and the thickness of the suede. sometimes Will bounce back. But what you might want to do is wear that jacket or take those Give the items to a professional cleaner. Basically, they can help remove water slowly Because that’s where the damage happened suddenly you are too much Leaving the moisture of the suede, basically it dries. So, the next rule option for wearing suede.

First, we got a suede jacket. Relatively easy to find, but very interesting, most people do n’t The reason said. Guys, if you can find a suede jacket that looks good, highly recommended Go ahead. Next, you have suede shoes, tons Here’s the option. You can match boots I said before, you can also go Dress better, maybe lazy. This is here, very casual, It has a perforated leather. I can wear this summer. And then Here we have a super casual suede sneaker. Next, you have suede belts that do not attract as much attention as a jacket or coat A pair of shoes, but definitely a way to add texture to your wardrobe. You occasionally Suede is seen in gloves, suede is sometimes seen in vests, and shirts are rarely worn. I met once The fourth rule, know how to match suede. You can bend it with suede And a lot of rules are violated here. You don’t have to have a matching suede belt Your suede shoes. It feels good, but let’s look at the rest of the shoes Here.

Notice how we turned brown, and even a little bit black. I can wear Brown or black belts will work well with these shoes. So how do you match your other project wardrobes? How do you pair this tan suede Are you wearing a coat that you wear? How about you with these tan shoes? Right here, is everything you’re going to wear? The answer is you just imagine it’s made of leather Continue the game like leather. So anything that matches these boots will happen Match these boots here. About what light suede like olive green Or midnight blue? Well guys, the advantage of suede is obvious There are many things that leather has to match, so does suede. So dark blue suede believes Whether colored pants will be widely used, including blue pants. why Will blue and blue work? Because of texture. It will cause separation And it does n’t look like you are trying to wear a pair of shoes With pants.

Next rule about suede When to wear it. Suede always casual shoe style doesn’t matter Jacket style, if it is made of suede, this is a leisure item in your wardrobe. you Want to be very careful about it with any commercial or formal thing. Can’t do it? Sure, but more fashion-forward. I recommend For most men just starting out, just bring suede into what you already wear You already love. Then add texture you have to complexity the project You know what you are going to wear it will fit your wardrobe Suddenly you will start praising most People have never really noticed it before.

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