Antonio: Okay, guys, I’ve got Brock of the Modest Man and he’s got three tips on how to dress sharp without having to wear a suit, always having to wear sports jacket.

We’re here in Austin, Texas, pretty casual laid back town. Now, I defaulted to a sports jacket because you guys know I think sports jackets cure cancer. But, when it comes down to it, you know, I always want to wear a sports jacket, maybe it’s too hot, maybe you’re just simply this isn’t your style.

Brock: Yeah. I mean basically I think you can dress well without dressing up necessarily and especially like for me we’re here in Austin.

I heard that it’s hot and humid, I’ve never been here and I kind of run hot, so I know that if I wear a jacket, I’m probably going to be sweating you know. And you know I don’t feel underdressed I don’t feel sloppy, I still feel well-dressed and stylish even though I’m not wearing a suit.

Antonio: And you are well-dressed and stylish. Brock: Oh, I appreciate that. Antonio: Yeah. I mean, I just – every time I’m around this guy I’m shocked, amazed, put in awe. But, what is tip number one? Brock: So, tip number one is, I mean even if you’re going jeans and t-shirt, it’s got to fit really well and that doesn’t mean it’s got to be tight, it just has to fit your body type. So, you know, I’m smaller guy, I’m on the slimmer side, so for me slim fit works really well. If you’re a bigger guy, it should be fitted, but not necessarily slimmer skinny.

Antonio: Now, they hear this probably a lot on my channel on your channel.

Brock: Yeah.

Antonio: Let’s talk maybe for the bigger guy because he is, okay, like so do I go loose, do I go oversized? But what should he look for in his fit? Brock: I think bigger guy whether you’re few extra pounds or athletic, I think just pay attention to like the silhouette so the proportions. The same way with fit like if you’re looking at pants for example, you know, really tapered angles are in and that looks good on a really thin guy, but on a bigger guy if you look at the whole shape the whole silhouette, you’re going to want a little bit of a wider leg opening that will balance you out.

Antonio: And, that’s why we do recommend going with maybe brands that cost sometimes a bit more that are specific to actually the body types of guys. Brock: Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Find a brand that works for your body type because it’s not just, you know, the big things like the length of the shirt, it’s like like Antonio is saying it’s the size – it’s the width of the placket you know and the size of the cuffs and all those little details.

Antonio: So, a larger guy, you know, on basically the depth of like a polo shirt right here, it may go down four buttons.

Brock: Right.

Antonio: But for a smaller guy, you’re not going to want to go down four, maybe three at the most, sometimes even two is going to look better. Brock: Okay. So, tip number two is, again, if you’re going casual, really pay attention to the color. And this also has a little bit to do with your body type, but you can use color to kind of control how you look control your shape and your height a little bit. So, like for me a smaller guy, I always go with low contrast outfit. So, if I want to wear light colors, I’m wearing all light colors.

If I want to wear dark colors, I’m going all dark. Even if you’re going jeans and a t-shirt or chinos and a polo, you know, just because it’s casual doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be thoughtful about color. Okay. So, tip number three is sometimes you can just do little things to your clothes your outfits to make them more casual. So for example, if you are wearing a sports coat, but you feel a little overdressed, you can cuff the sleeves a little bit you know or if you’re wearing a button-up shirt, you can roll up your sleeves or wear it untucked, you know, if it’s the right length.

One thing I really like to do is I like to cuff my pants you know especially in the summer time like if I’m wearing chinos and like loafers or boat shoes or sneakers, I’ll go sockless or wear no-show socks and I’ll cuff my pants and having that little casual detail on the cuff and showing a little bit of ankle just kind of elevates the look even though it’s super casual, it just kind of makes you look like you really know what you’re doing.

Antonio: Now, this may be uncomfortable for a lot of guys because they have never done anything like this. How can they get used to actually changing up their style like that rolling, I mean rolling up, you know, a jacket sleeve you know that right there is uncomfortable for a lot of guys not used to that.

Brock: Yeah.

Antonio: How should they start with that?

Brock: I mean first of all when you do something new, it is going to be uncomfortable and that’s okay like I remember I used to hate wearing any type of glasses or sunglasses, I just felt really uncomfortable for some reason with anything on my face.

And I was very like conscious of like having sunglasses on my face when I went outside. Now, I don’t go outside without them. You know I feel bad – I feel uncomfortable when I don’t have them on. It just comes with time you know. My point is, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable, you just have to do it for a few days and you kind of you’ll grow into it. So, I think what the casual details, you know, start with cuffing your pants, that’s like a super easy one. And just trust me, do it for a week and just see how you like it.

Antonio: Do it around your house.

Brock: Yeah.

Antonio: No one else is going to see this and you’re just going to get used to it. Next thing you know, you’re going to walk out you’re going to go grocery shopping, you’re going to run errands you’re not even going to realize that you’re walking out with your pants cuffed with that jacket rolled up a bit. All of a sudden, you’re going to come home and say, oh, I went out and I didn’t even notice it and I felt great and it becomes something and it becomes second nature.

Brock: Yeah. That’s actually great tip. Yeah, just do it around the house.

Antonio: Of course it’s a great tip, it came from me.

Brock: [Laughs] Yeah.

Antonio: If you want more from Brock, I want you to go check out his channel. I’m linking to it down in the description, Modest Man. I’ve talked about it before, amazing channel for the men under 5 foot what? 5’8? 5’9”?

Brock: Yeah, 5’8”, the man of modest height.

Antonio: Yeah. So, where do we draw that line? Is it 5’8”?

Brock: I think in the US, average is about 5’9”.

Antonio: That’s a good response because it is cultural. Brock: It varies a lot with country.

Brock: Yeah.

Antonio: What do you guys think? Let’s go down in the comment, what do you think like the height is for like Brock should not go above?

Brock: Yeah. Like what is short to you? Like how would you define it?

Antonio: I’m sure that there a guys out there that is 6’11” that would love to get style tips from you, but and they’re just like they go to Brock’s channel like, oh, my gosh, he doesn’t like he can’t help me.

Brock: Right.

Antonio: I’m just going to read his stuff anyway. Do you ever have anyone like that?

Brock: Oh, yeah, I got comments all the time like, hey, I’m 6’2”, but you know this is still helpful or – I find that guys — I actually read a study once where guys – so every guy lies about their height, everybody, but guys who are closer to 6 foot, lie more because they want to get to that 6 foot mark.

Antonio: They can go to you – check out all the stuff about like you’ve got some tips and tricks over there about how to dress taller, right?

Brock: Oh, yeah.

Antonio: I’m linking to those videos down in the description. Again, an amazing channel, I’m proud to support Brock. Great. I mean I’ve known you for a long time.

Brock: Yeah. Since the original Style Con.

Antonio: We went to VidCon.

Brock: Right, VidCon.

Antonio: Is that 2014?

Brock: Yeah, I think it was 2014.

Antonio: That was in internet years, guys, that was like hundred years ago.

Brock: Yeah.

Antonio: So, yeah.

Brock: Oh, geez. [Laughs]

Antonio: All right, guys. Take care. See you in the next video. Bye.

Brock: Thanks.