This is Invitation Only. Today, I’m on 5th Avenue, smack dab in the middle of Manhattan. This place is a luxury playground. You got Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Omega, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Harry Winston. And the reason I’m here today to see the most famous jewelry store in the world: Tiffany. The main floor of Tiffany is great and all, but that’s not why I’m here.

I’ve come to check out their super secret salon. A private area for their fanciest clientele. Hi, Kim. Hello! Welcome to the Tiffany salon. Good to see you. So, here we are, up on the mezzanine of the New York store. We developed this area really for our very best customers to show wonderful jewelry. We can work with them on incredible custom designs. Are there items available up here that you can’t get down on the main floor? Yes, there are. We have a specifically curated assortment up here. This is a brand new collection we’ve just launched called Paper Flowers.

And this is a combination of using platinum, diamonds, and tanzanites. But the tanzanites are all gradated colors. So, it gives this lovely three-dimensionality to it. These are rare fancy-colored diamonds, Kim. A lot of people think that diamonds, it’s all to do with colorless or lack of color. But this is at the other end of the spectrum. You have a rainbow of colors that are the rarest of the rare. Oh my goodness. That diamond is enormous! It’s incredible. This is a 28-carat. 28? 28. That’s hefty. It’s a hefty diamond. It’s a D color. The very, very top grade.

And internally flawless. Absolutely no inclusions, incredibly pure. How much would something like that run for? This one is a little over four million dollars. Eh, alright. Can I try that on? Oh, absolutely! You have to try it on. It’s quite incredible. It fits you perfectly. Yeah, right. And look at the beauty of the cut. The sparkle, the radiance, the brilliance, the purity of it, the transparency of it. For a nice affordable four million dollars. Exactly. Great. Why do you like gemstones so much? It’s awesome and shiny? Or, like, what’s the deal? Oh no, I mean, gemstones are incredible. There’s so many varieties. There’s so many differentials. To this day, I find things and see things that really blow my mind, because you can’t imagine that mother nature can make such extraordinary things. We have a wonderful Tiffany workshop here on the 10th floor, which many people don’t realize. There, our finest high jewelry is made. These are all completely handmade pieces from beginning to end. Many of the pieces you see in the salon here will be made at the Tiffany workshop.

There are various experiences in this store that aren’t just going up to a counter and picking something out and buying it. Yeah. Why is that important for a retailer? Incredibly important these days. I mean, as we all know, so much shopping is done online. Customers can come in here and they can walk around and they can experience many things. They can buy something, they can dream about something. But while they’re here, there’s places to relax. The Blue Box Cafe to have something to eat. So, you can really spend the day here. That’s really important, because it’s a wonderful experience.