All right, gentlemen. In today’s video, I’ve got a seven-round style beat down between John wick and James Bond. Which one is more dangerously stylish? Find out, guys, in today’s video. [Music] Round one. Clothing fit. First up, we’ve got John Wick and in both movies we see him wear suits. In the first movie, he wears a three-piece suit. In the second movie, he wears a two-piece suit with a contrasting white shirt. Now, when we look at the fit of these suits it’s spot-on and that should be because these are custom pieces that he did have made for him. Now, the only thing I didn’t like about the suits that John Wick wore were that they had a looser fit and this was by design. So, Keanu Reeves the actor that played John Wick he did 90% of his stunts. Now, to accommodate the padding he wore underneath the suits they had to make him a bit larger. In addition, they got extra stitching and extra material on certain areas, so it wouldn’t tear.

They actually had pleats in certain areas, so it gives more freedom of movement. But, you can actually see this if you look at the way the suit fits him. So, for that one reason there, I mean I appreciate what they tried to do, but it is something I’ve got to knock the fit. Now, let’s talk about James Bond and the fit of his suits. So, the modern James Bond played by Daniel Craig, you look at the fit of these suits it is spot-on made by Tom Ford. These are custom pieces that are made specifically for Daniel Craig and you have to say that these things fit him amazingly well.

So, at this point both James Bond and John Wick are neck and neck, but this is where James Bond is going to take the lead because James Bond wears a wider variety of clothing. So, we can see how his casual clothing fits. We can see him in black tie, what do we notice? Every single time he put something on his body it fits him perfectly. The winner here is James Bond. Round two. Clothing function. First up, we’ve got John Wick and let’s talk about his suits.

Does he wear the right outfit to the right event? So, he’s wearing a suit to the Continental that makes perfect sense most people mostly assassins there they’re dressed very nice, makes sense, then he goes to a chop shop. Now, strangely enough, it works and John Wick does not look out of place at a chop shop. Next up, we see John Wick in Rome still wearing that suit looking great, goes for a red cuff link for a little bit of effect. Then, we go to a park and he’s out in nature looking great still rocking that suit. So, what’s the point all of this? John Wick knows that a suit can be worn in almost any situation and he rocks it. Now, let’s talk about James Bond and for that last point, he’s got a wider variety in his wardrobe. So, he’s over in Madagascar, what is he wearing? A brighter shirt with even sneakers, so he can get traction as he’s doing this whole parkour exercise. Now, he looked a little bit scruffy fighting the bad guys over there in Africa, so let’s go over to the Bahamas.

Let’s look how he cleans up a bit wearing a dark-colored polo. Look at the fit on that, immaculate. Still beat up a little bit in the face, but still looking good. Now, the question with James Bond is can he actually fight bad guys in these clothes fitted suits? And the answer is yes. Just look at him here up on top of the train. But look at how hot the weather is and he’s wearing the appropriate color of that suit. Notice that light color right there works well with the temperature. And, next, if you’re playing a high-stakes poker game with a known terrorist with millions of dollars on the line, you wear black tie. So this round was actually very difficult because on the one hand I want to give it to James Bond the variety of outfits, but I’ve got to hand it to John Wick because he makes his suit look great in any situation.

Round two winner, John Wick. Round three. Fabric and build. First up, let’s talk about James Bond. The fabric and the build of his suit is spot-on. Now, we know he’s using Tom Ford to actually design and get the fabrics, but historically it was out of Savile Row. That’s where I would expect James Bond to get his suit and they’re going to use some of the best cutters the best tailors in the world are right here on Savile Row. They’re going to choose fabrics that are probably going to have an English heritage or maybe for something more lightweight they’re going to go with an Italian fabric.

You can bet on those jackets they’re going to have a floating canvas. His shoulders are going to be packed just correctly, so even if one shoulder is a bit off they’re going to actually make that correction in the final fitting. Now, let’s talk about John Wick. So, what do we know? John Wick pays for everything with gold. We don’t really truly know who his tailor is, but one thing we do know it’s bulletproof. The fabric on his suits is friggin bulletproof. Again, a very close round and James Bond is amazing, but John Wick, that’s friggin awesome bulletproof, boom! I got to give it to him. Round three winner, John Wick. Now, at this point I bet some of you guys are surprised because you thought James Bond was just going to take this.

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Gents, this PDF dictionary and audio is absolutely free. I’m linking to it down in the description. Go grab it. Round four. Let’s talk about watches. First up, we’ve got John Wick. Now, John Wick wears a barely noticeable Manero Autodate watch. This is a great watch, retails for about $2,000. It’s simple, clean, elegant. I think this is a solid watch choice for John wick it works really well with the suit and his choice of colors. [0:05:05] Next up, we’ve got James Bond. And the modern James Bond, he’s wearing the Omega Seamaster. This is a great watch. I think it looks great on Daniel Craig anytime he’s coming out of the water any time he’s wearing this with a suit. Great-looking watch.

Now, going back to the movies we can see James Bond sports a wide variety of watches, the Rolex Submariner perhaps is one of the most famous ones, but when we go back to the books what’s the original James Bond watch? It’s going to be at the Rolex Explorer. This watch is what started it all with James Bond. So, this round relatively close, but I got to give it to James Bond. Round five. Grooming. So, James Bond, his grooming almost always on point. The one time, he’s over in East Asia taking a break doing those shots with the scorpion on his hand, in that case, he didn’t shave for awhile, but, hey, it simply worked in his favor because as many guys know you get a little bit of stubble.

The ladies are going to be more attracted to you. But, most of the time what do we see with James Bond? He’s going to go for that clean shave and he’s going to have every single hair in place. Now, we’ve got John Wick and the contrast is interesting because John Wick has longer hair on his head and he has longer hair on his face. He actually has a beard. Now, what do we know about beards? Beards make men look more aggressive. There’s a study in which they actually compare people that have a beard versus those that don’t and it’s the same person, but people when they saw facial expressions with the beard, overall they thought they were more aggressive.

And, let’s talk about that longer hair on his head. He actually keeps it in place, it looks good. He slicks it back. Even when he gets blown through a window, he stands up, his hair is looking good. Again, a close fight, but I got to give this one to John Wick. Round six. Let’s talk about cars. So, for John Wick cars are instrumental. The whole reason that we get into the fight in the first place is because somebody steals his 1969 Ford Mustang. Now, when this was stolen he has to get a loaner. That loaner is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396. Now, later in the movie when he’s having that little bit of a car mash up, thankfully he’s driving a newer car that can be more easily replaced, that’s a 2011 Dodge Charger LD. Now, let’s go over to James Bond. So, the more recent James Bond movies, we haven’t seen the cars take the spotlight as much.

But, we go back we look at the older movies, over twenty cars have been driven by James Bond throughout these movies. Now, James Bond does have the Ford Mustang in common with John wick. In the 1971 movie Diamonds Are Forever, he does drive a Ford Mustang, but most of the time it seems like he’s preferring European cars. He’s going for the BMW Z8 or maybe the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. But my favorite car from a James Bond movie has to be the Aston Martin DB5. Because it popped up in multiple movies, we saw it as early as Casino Royale when he won it, but we see it in its full glory in Skyfall. Again, very close, but I got to give this one to James Bond. All right, gents if you haven’t been paying attention, it’s a tied ballgame. Last round, round seven, gents, confidence. So, let’s talk about James Bond.

It’s hard to imagine anyone more confident than James Bond. When you think of someone cool someone collected someone that knows what to do in a high-pressure situation, that’s pretty much James Bond, I think the only time we ever saw his confidence maybe shake a bit was when he came back from the dead and he’s having to go through all those tests, he’s not to the physical ability he needs to be. And then, when he’s got to hit that shot. When he’s got that woman that puts that shot glass they put it right on her head and he’s got to hit that shot, he did it though he went through and he made it happen.

Now, let’s talk about John Wick. Very confident, very cool very collected similar to James Bond, but there was an incident whenever he loses Daisy and he is crying. And we see this very vulnerable side of John Wick. That being said, he goes into multiple situations which look almost no win. He always keeps his cool he looks at the situation he deals with it as it is. Maybe he’s running out of ammo, maybe he’s been shot he’s bleeding he knows, okay, this guy is going to be fresher than me, I’ve got to use certain things to my advantage. All right, gentlemen. This one was tough. We’re in a dead heat here, I’m going to call this one a tie. We’re in overtime. All right, gents, now for the sudden-death tiebreaker, which one of these guys would you want to have your back? I know it goes beyond style, but let’s say you’re in a dark alley, five guys coming your way, do you want to be in a fight with James Bond on your side or with John Wick? Let me know down in the comments.

So, who’s my choice? Well, I do like James Bond because he would probably talk to these guys and we would then go meet the master bad guy and then take him out like we do in most the movies. That being said, I got to go with John wick. I trust John Wick more. When it comes to James Bond, he’s going to go accomplish mission, he’s probably going to leave me high and dry.

John wick on the other hand, he’s very honorable. How do I know this? Because he’s a U.S. Marine. Now, where does it mentioned that John Wick is a Marine? If you actually go to the shower scene, look across his back, you see the Latin phrase Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat. This translates to fortune favors the bold which is the motto of 3rd battalion 3rd Marines out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. All right, gentlemen. So, the winner in overtime, John Wick. Now, I know a lot of guys are going to disagree with me. I want to hear from you down in the comments. And if you want more, go check out this, I’ve got Bruce Wayne versus Tony Stark, another style beat down.

If you’re into the stuff, if you enjoy it, guys, go check it out. You’re going to learn something and you’re going to have fun because I’m a huge nerd when it comes to comic books when it comes to characters like these and it was a lot of fun to do all the research. Gentlemen, if you like the video, please click on that like button. If you’re new to Real Men Real Style, click on that subscribe button and make sure that you get those notifications. And, if you know a guy that likes John Wick movies of James Bond movies, make sure to share this video with them. And, a little bit of trivia. 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines out of Kaneohe Bay are also known as America’s Battalion. They picked up this name when Lt. Col. Krulak who was then the commanding officer, he went on to become the commandant, he actually received a letter that said, commanding officer America’s battalion. And, he’s like, hey, the US Postal Service recognizes us as America’s battalion, that’s good enough for me.

It’s official. Oorah! A little bit of Marine Corps trivia for you.

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