As a kid, many of us dream of having a lot of money to spend in any way we can imagine, usually wishing for the newest game console, the coolest toys, or maybe unlimited trips to your favourite theme parks. Well, for some young people around the world, that wish is very much a reality.

Get ready to have you mind blown as we look at some of the richest kids who live the craziest lifestyles through their fortunes of amounts most of us can only dream to ever have. But before we get started, what would be the first thing you would buy if you suddenly became incredibly wealthy? Let me know in the comments down below! I’ll give you a second.

Alright, well without any further ado, let’s get it on! Benjamin Kickz Imagine regularly partying with some of the biggest rappers in the world at the age of 16. Well, thanks to his passionate interest in both sneakers and business, that’s exactly what Benjamin Kickz’ lifestyle has become. Simply by buying exclusive and rare sneakers from other collectors and selling them at a higher price to sneakerheads, Benjamin caught the attention of DJ Khaled, and the two regularly started hanging out. Through Khaled he was introduced to other hip-hop giants like Drake, P.

Diddy, and Future, all of whom regularly buy sneakers from him at what one can only assume are very high prices. Eventually, when DJ Khaled’s Snapchat started to go viral, his regular snaps featuring a 16-year-old Benjamin caught the attention of the public and resulted in a lot more business for the young entrepreneur. As his new merch brand proudly claims, business is boomin’, and the now 18-year-old has an estimated net worth in excess of 1.5 million dollars, with more surely coming in every day. But, partying with Drake is probably a priceless experience.

Lil Pump Well, you’re more than likely familiar with the young trap artist because of his hugely popular breakout hit Gucci Gang, and his many follow up songs with collaborators like Kanye West. Recently having turned 18, the rapper had made a huge fortune from his music way before he was a legal adult. He lives in a massive 4.6-million-dollar mansion where he’s been making infamous videos of his extravagant lifestyle since he was 16 years old. He’s frequently showing off jewellery worth over half a million dollars, including his diamond encrusted chain of his own face, worth about $380 thousand dollars, a medallion of his famous catchphrase (which is actually in the dictionary), and a huge collection of other insane pieces of custom jewellery with an overall value reaching well into the millions of dollars. Let’s wait and see what adulthood has in store for the colourfully haired, wildly wealthy South Florida musician.

Rashed Belhasa Here’s an interesting fact. Many wealthy families in the middle east don’t report their net worth to any public authority, leading many people to believe that Jeff Bezos is not actually the richest man in the world, but that a Saudi prince or Qatari oil mogul might actually be the wealthiest person on earth with a net worth in the trillions. Rashed Belhasa is a young blogger who gives the world insight into this extravagant world of mysteriously enormous wealth. The 17-year old Dubai native is the son of a construction mogul with one of those shadowy net worth’s, but the best estimates place it around 2.3 billion dollars, although some sources claim that that number is comically low.

The unbelievable life Rashed shows off through his videos, of solid gold slippers, custom jewellery, designer dream cars, and fantasy trips around the world taken on a whim, captivates audiences and has lead to him being an incredibly popular influencer the world over, frequently pulling in millions of views. Rashed has an illustrious showroom where he keeps his huge collection of unique, exclusive designer sneakers, many of which have worth’s well into the tens, and occasionally, hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, he doesn’t spend his money willy nilly, and according to his parents, he’s been taught the value of money, as well as shown personal responsibility by running his own fashion brand, KA-1, which attracts the attention of celebrities the world over who apparently are lining up to meet the 17 year old.

Kyle Bugha If you haven’t heard about this skilled gamer from your parents yet, you’re probably in the minority. Kyle Bugha recently became nearly world famous and brought the legitimacy of E-sports into the public eye by winning 3 million dollars at the 2019 Fortnite world championship when coming in at first place. The 16-year-old American quickly became the 10th highest earning gamer of all time with that single win, alongside over 25 thousand dollars earned from another 12 tournaments throughout 2018 and 19, and that ranking is sure to only get higher as Kyle participates in more tournaments over time.

One of the benefits of his highly publicized victory is that now a ton of parents are sure to actually encourage their kids to play more video games, so that’s a plus. Bobby Misner Alright, so, this guy isn’t exactly a kid, or rich of his own accord, BUT he definitely deserves an honourable mention for his highly publicized antics and trying to gain clout by documenting the expensive lifestyle he’s grown up accustomed to. Bobby’s father became a billionaire through his private audio engineering chain of universities, which have campuses in over 50 cities after starting in Sydney in 1976. As a result, his 24-year-old son, Bobby, was able to grow up traveling the world, wearing expensive clothes, driving expensive cars and mingling among the wealthy elites of the world. In 2018 he first released a video called “Life of a Billionaire’s Son”, trying to market his image, and the video went viral in more ways than one. While there was a large audience of people who were captivated by the vicarious lifestyle they could experience through Bobby, many commentators made popular videos joking about him, but Bobby took the jokes in stride, and this only pushed his notoriety higher, and has made him a recognizable member of the larger YouTube community.

Personally, if I had the lifestyle Bobby does, I wouldn’t care if youtubers were joking about me either. Lil Nas X From Twitter memelord to overnight sensation, Lil Nas X took the world by storm with his infectious country-trap fusion smash hit Old Town Road and its remixes featuring, oh, well, everyone I guess. The song held the record for longest time at #1 on the billboard hot 100 and most streams for over 23 weeks, only to be overtaken by another song of his, Panini, with which he cemented himself as a real musical contender and more than just a one hit wonder.

Lil Nas X has amassed money so fast throughout 2019 since his song took off in March through the use of TikTok and meme culture that it’s hard to pinpoint his ever-expanding net worth, but some estimates have it as high as $25 million dollars and counting. Some of his more extravagant purchases since coming into his rapid success have been a custom Louis Vuitton Infinity Gauntlet, and a red Maserati he bought for his co-star Billy Ray Cyrus, a reference to a lyric from the remixes he appears on.

All the while, Lil Nas X has stayed plugged in with meme culture and frequently interacts with fans on Twitter, giving him a humble image that makes him extremely likeable. One thing’s for sure with this 20-year-old superstar rapper, he’s got a huge career ahead of him and a LOT more money to be made. Eric Finmann Eric Finmann is a 20-year-old with a success story that sounds like something out of a movie. At the age of 12, the American boy took $1000 his grandmother had intended to be for his college education and invested it in a new technology called Bitcoin, purchasing 100 coins which were worth between $10-12 each at the time. If you’re familiar with Bitcoin, you probably know how this story ends. Within a few years, when Eric was 15, he sold a small portion of his holdings for 100,000 dollars and dropped out of high school to start his own education start-up, Botangle, to try and reshape the educational system he had hated so much.

At this point, he made a bet with his parents, that if he could become a millionaire by the age of 18, he wouldn’t have to go to college. Well, Eric won the bet. Over the years he increased his Bitcoin holdings to about 450 Bitcoin, worth around 4.5 million dollars today. Safe to say his parents are totally fine with their son skipping out on college at this point.

Ryan’s Toy Reviews When Forbes released a list of the highest paid youtubers in 2018, people expected names like PewDiePie or James Charles, but were blown away when a young boy by the name Ryan’s Toy Reviews came out at the number one spot, with earnings reportedly as high as $80 million. The seven year old has incredible reach and influence with his toy review videos, as the toys he features in his videos rapidly fly off shelves, leading to dozens of high paying brand deals from toy companies from all over the world, and a line of clothing sold at Walmart’s all over the world, aptly called Ryan’s World clothes.

Since the boy is so young, his parents have to be in control of most of his earnings, but 15% has to be stored, by law, in a special account that will only be accessible to Ryan when he turns 18.

With a fortune approaching 9 figures by the age of 7, who knows if Ryan might take the title of world’s youngest billionaire one day soon.