Internally the development was codenamed D 5 The D describes the segments of large sedans and the 5 represents the fifth Aldi model in this segment The very first of these models was the Audi v8 from 1988 when the manufacturers from Ingolstadt just set off for the luxury segment The v8 was followed by the first a eight with his famous aluminium space frame The world’s first mass-produced vehicle with a self-supporting aluminium body Lightweight construction was also in the focus of the current a 8 However, the demands on the body have increased considerably as it must be able to accommodate several batteries and a full hybrid drive in addition the requirements for comfort and occupant protection also increased Aldi therefore decided to develop a body structure made of several materials with different thicknesses Combining such a multitude of materials with each other is an immense challenge during production We want to put the right material in the right place As a result we chose a multi material body construction with steel aluminum and carbon With the challenge of joining all these different materials together This poses much more of a challenge than with conventional cars that are made of steel only The new a8 should be a complete revolution Especially in the luxury segment a lot can only be achieved through the human factor that senses it The a8 must radiate prestige that’s utterly important to me Does what we decided to or three years ago actually fit in to today’s world And will the customers accept it the way we wanted to people The developers spent more than four years on this project an enormous task as the aah was created in a time of Probably the greatest upheaval for the company digitization electrification and Piloted driving are only three buzzwords that shaped this period of time Never before had so many new systems being integrated into a car and the a8 must set standards in each field The challenges are enormous for the first time the z-pass a central computer is used to control many of the cars electronic functions In addition There’s an active chassis that permanently scans the road with the help of the front camera and in fractions of a second Adjust the spring damper system accordingly also thanks to the 48 volt power system a steering system that is both connected to the front and rear axles a Hybrid Drive that supports the engine and much more All these systems had to be developed made ready for series production and tested throughout millions of kilometers It was an enormous task at extremely high standards for the entire development team There are so many technical tidbits it would take too long to list them the car is prepared for pilotless driving level 3 and the chassis which includes e ABC It’s basically an active chassis with air suspensions and the first of its kind in the world Called e the a8 Represents the dawn of a new era for the automobile and the form is intended to instantly show this via its design Mark lichte was in charge of this task since 2014.

He’s been out his head designer Right on my first day when I started at Audi in February 2014 The decision about the a8 was made on my second working day. I explained my strategy directly to the management board there were five design models one of which I had already done with a small team of people in the Volks Berg and there were Four alternative models that were done in Ingolstadt these four models have been developed in a year and I had to come up with a design model in a very restricted time period in the end I was able to convince the management board with my design because it Represented the contents of the strategy and the brand values best There’s still a lot to do especially on a functional level because the new a8 is a vehicle that is mainly shaped by software It includes many different features we’re still hard at work and there’s some way to go but I’m convinced that we will manage Ingolstadt at the end of 2015 the design team completed its task The new Audi shape has been approved by the management board This one on one clay model allows the designers to view their design in 3d for the first time This clay model accompanies us in our development process for about one and a half years And the final model the so called design freeze model is then made of plastic motive Despite the computer animations a model is an important tool in order to determine the design It can be changed again.

And again during the design process either by machine or by hand The manual modeler focuses on translating the designers two-dimensional sketch To a three-dimensional model in order to bring the designers idea to life Automotive design is also a competition where at the end of the day only one of the designs wins Phillip rumors and his team won the contract for the a8 together with Mark Nikita. He went from Volkswagen to Audie Of course It’s great to see how such a design develops from sketch to Model to an actual car and it’s also great to see a car with our design driving around one day. That’s something very special Once a design has been approved it is then refined despite all the digital tools This is still done by drawing lines by hand and with the sensory experience with the model The new Audi flagship is not only the evolution of the AAA model line It also introduces a new design language that will characterize the models to come It’s a demanding task mark lifter and his team have to master At the same time in the Audi plant in Neckarsulm in the so called pre-series center employees are building the first prototypes What will later be fully automated during series production is done manually here For the first time the body is manufactured by a composite construction Here it has to be proven if what the engineer’s developed on their computers can actually be built Steel aluminium magnesium and a carbon back wall must be joined together Welding screwing riveting gluing all the joining technology available today is used in the new a8 Od has a lot of experience with bodies that are made of different materials But for the a a too many of these techniques are used to the first time This wheelhouse is a good example for the various joining techniques Steel can be joined with steel using the oldest and cheapest method Resistance spot welding inside the cavity where it can’t be reached from behind It is screwed together with so-called flow drill screws There’s also riveting which you can see here.

This process doesn’t require heat and therefore it doesn’t warp the material Lapland in winter 2015 Car manufacturers are testing numerous aspects with their new vehicles that temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius It looks like a lot of fun and it really is but beyond all that the four-wheel drive of the a8 is being tested At seven o’clock in the morning Ferdinand hottinger and his team configure the car systems in the garage after that The prototype has to drive in the icy desert and prove that its complex technology works perfectly even under these extreme conditions and How does it feel when you come to steer The rear seems quite stable The steering parameters are adjusted repeatedly until the developers are happy with the results Our customers will be surprised by the maneuverability of the vehicle It doesn’t feel as if they were sitting in such a big cars But it gives them the agility and the maneuverability of smaller vehicles.

That’s the great thing about it In such situations There is a function that turns the rear Axle steering to zero so that the rear of the vehicle can be handled very precisely and predictably by the driver Another development goal here in the far north of Europe is the perfect coordination of all driving stability systems When does the ESC start to intervene? Does the Quattro Drive react as desired and do the systems communicate flawlessly with each other? And how do the electronic components react to the arctic cold? The central computer alone the steadfast switch bundles all the software the driver assistance systems is uncharted territory altogether The Arctic Circle in northern Sweden Teemo struts and his team are preparing the test car For the first time the engineers will check whether the complex electromechanical chassis worked smoothly at temperatures below minus-30 degrees celsius The chassis and electronics of the new audi a8 are implanted in its predecessor This is common practice in automotive Development as the use of so-called technology carriers means that test vehicles are available at an early stage of development And these cars do not need to undergo expensive camouflage the car that already cooled down in the night is driving out of the garage This lowrider show is in fact a serious inspection of the car suspension systems All functions of the chassis must work reliably on the test site It may look funny when we make the car bounce But this is a test sequence that allows us to keep the vehicle repeating the same movements We can examine how the currents the acoustics or dynamics changed due to the call The chassis control of the a8 is technically very complicated Due to the high voltage of 48 volts the electronic components react in a flash The front camera detects bumps at an early stage and the chassis controls react accordingly unnoticed by the passengers Even wobbling movements of the car for example in curves are compensated by the system at lightning speed Since each wheel is controlled individually Howdy is able to offer a feature that reduces the consequences of a side impact by raising the body on the affected side This multitude of safety relevant technology is tested during endless test drives in all climatic areas of the world until everything works reliably in all conditions In addition the vehicle must not make any strange noises The main purpose of this track is to detect any noise in the area of the suspension or the axles This may be a squeaking or some kind of breathing noise from an air spring or damper or even from our actuators the Tough day to day testing wears the developers out Some of them on site for up to three weeks in the arctic cold where there are only four hours of daylight They’re grateful for a little diversion There is a lot on offer here even at night if you don’t want to relax there are many things you can do The automobile companies created their own infrastructure in Lapland Playing ball is also part of the relaxation program during the extensive testing process There’s no sign of relaxation at the design centers though The completion of the car’s interior is running at full steam It must be determined how this luxury car should be operated in the time to come This is the first time that there’s a completely new operating logic behind everything before everything was remote-controlled But in the new a8 we will switch to a touch based operation This is a new challenge for us.

But we took it on with great pleasure. We had a lot of fun It’s always great for a designer to be able to do everything from scratch And we also learnt a great deal in the area of user experience Despite the rapidly growing digitalization classical handicraft is still in demand With taping I can try out proportions very effectively on a two-dimensional level. I can create tension through lines And translate everything into the CAD With this clay model called the seat box The designers can explore the spatial effects of the surfaces, even in our digital age the physical impression plays an important role especially in the luxury segment I Need a physical model in which I can sit in order to experience the spatial effect of the interior That’s something we haven’t come up with in the virtual world yet, which is why I need this model Light is more and more often used as a design tool in the interiors of cars For us light as a design element is the perfect means of creating ambiance we can do this with colored light But also with certain light elements like this precise light that you see here or the ambient light as we call it With which you can make a switch boards seemingly float in Luxury cars customers expects technical innovations and exquisite materials in connection with workmanship of the highest quality Coming up with the right composition is the task of the color and trim Department On the one hand fashion and zeitgeist plays a major part here on the other hand It’s about colors and materials.

There must still be somehow on vogue even years later Simona fell janela head designer a color and trim was handed this sensory task. I Really have the feeling that you can feel how many people put attention care profession ality To this product and enjoy it while you’re driving Simona pal Jean Anna and her team must feel for customers all over the world expect him in a8 a miscalculation at this point would have vital negative consequences Immediately ever feeling a perception of being the wrong place Having some kind of discomfort maybe not really physical but really feeling perceived perceive something like they know that this is Jumping out of the equation In outies light channel in Ingolstadt Technicians and designers are developing the head and rear lights of the a8 In recent years Lighting has become an important stylistic aspect in automotive design We have the same rhythm here Freshly developed technologies constantly provide the designers with new possibilities One of these elements is the OLED an extremely thin light source that’s ideal for lumen ating small narrow areas Sysadmin da da da da and stefan Berlitz are responsible for lighting at audi Start creations should be immediately Recognizable on the street as part of the Audi brand but also as to what kind of vehicle is moving towards you The development effort is truly considerable in order to develop such systems.

We have to start years in advance We start with basic research. We were among the first Manufacturers to use o le D at our efforts were a boost for the whole automotive industry and all of a sudden it was available everywhere During the development phase itself There are a lot of tests where we have to do many test drives on the road But here in the light Channel, we can see beforehand whether the lighting fits and if all the functions go together Well, this all happens before we actually do the test drives It requires a lot of adjustments to create the ideal lighting for our customer of course in the development of the AAA The customers wishes need to be into consideration – they are constantly being scrutinized in numerous studies Our customers often prefer to drive with high beam which is why we provide them with an ultra-modern light assistance system matrix Headlamps where they always have high beam without actually blinding and wanted for better visibility.

They get laser headlights There is another exciting elements on top that includes our light animations or the wow effect Will the equation work here the blazing hot Arizona desert in the USA this is the final heat test an advanced stage of development The task now is to check the latest status Will the utterly complex systems really work reliably even in this extreme heat and desert dust At this point we’ll re-examine the overall functions of the vehicle Especially regarding the power drain the air conditioning Impa specific climate control levels for the US market as well as the dust ingress into the car’s interior The a8 s still camouflaged inside and out the first presentation date is near Nothing would be worse than exposing the car secrets Now if her spotter took pictures of the series model all systems are working Perfectly which cannot be taken for granted as the individual modules of the car almost brought to melting point The extreme heat is the biggest challenge here It leads to backups in the heat range even after the car was operated on the highway.

All the components are brought to the limit All the findings and the test drives in amazona converge in Ingolstadt Now the developers must quickly find solutions for the complications that occurred If our error log shows that there was a problem with the central locking we will check the wiring Following the respective diagram and see if we can locate the error somehow at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt The whole world can basically be simulated Temperatures of minus 32 + 55 degrees are displayed at the so called climate role test bench the engineers check their systems once again Usually a car is tested here for two weeks the first week in warm or hot temperatures and the second in cold temperatures Whatever wasn’t possible in the Arizona desert all the snow of the Arctic Circle is made possible here going 250 at 50 degrees Celsius or an ascent at minus 30 and these laboratory conditions all components of the car can be tested extensively Would suggest we warm up the engine now and as soon as it’s warm we start the ascent We approach the vehicle unlock it start the car and drive off We start slowly especially in the low temperature so that all the lubricants can get up to temperature and Then we check the heating of the air-conditioning The rear window and windscreen heating everything is scrutinized very closely The technical development of the big gaudy approach is a finish line The so-called sop starter production is imminent It’s time for early communications to order the first advertisements May 2017 near Hamburg three days of shooting a schedule to the production of the first clip secrecy is of the utmost importance Thus we take stops the most important thing on location when the car hasn’t been presented yet is that it is hidden from sight Because we shoot out in the open Nobody is supposed to see the car before it is presented to the world press this is why my colleagues Tape over so much and only leave open what the camera has to see the regulations are really strict Howdy Lander cool They form a cooperation with Marvel Studios and promote the a8 with the spider-man homecoming movie which will be released in June 2017 The a8 is first shown at the film’s premiere Still camouflaged Howdy’s top model is shown to the public on the red carpet The Audi head shows a car ride of a father with his little son Two young actors were required in order to play the son We must follow certain time limitations children aren’t like adult actors If they don’t feel like doing something they won’t and when they’re tired They’re tired and shooting with two kids like today is an additional challenge Las Vegas in February 2017 the Audi a8 is a global car Most parts were developed in Germany But the car was also adapted to local requirements at the most important sales markets in the gambler City The engineer’s have the opportunity to test another part of piloted driving Only here the Audi technicians can utilize the city’s modern traffic infrastructure in order to test a new feature of the a8 The car communicates directly with the traffic control center The driver receives two types of information if the traffic light ahead of him is still red The car will fill him or her the time it takes until it’s green again or it will issue a speed Recommendation with which he or she can reach the next traffic light when it’s green Of course the system cannot prevent traffic jams But our studies show that the flow of traffic becomes better on the more vehicles have this feature onboard In Las Vegas All surrounding areas have joined together to form a large traffic control center And we are connected to all the 1000 traffic lights in the region The data from the a8 and the traffic lights converge at this control center Brian Toft is fascinated by the possibilities of the new technology We will use Data that we get from the traffic signals to understand How the traffic’s flowing and what we can do to better timeless signals we can use data that we get from vehicles to also Tell us how fast the vehicle can travel how many times they have to stop and then we can use that to better do work with the traffic signals Back in Germany According to many researchers the future of private transport lies in highly automated driving The so called level 3 of piloted driving means that for the first time a manufacturer is fully responsible for the system and its safety and That in turn only works when the legislation green lights this The a8 also includes the so called traffic jam pilot In this mode the car already drives quite independently with a speed of up to 60 kilometres an hour The technology that makes this possible consists of radar a Laser, scanner cameras, and of course software that controls everything Since these systems must work absolutely safely comparable to the autopilot of a passenger aircraft.

The individual modules are protected manifold The developers of these systems are highly specialized and also work on the so-called remote parking pilot That shall allow the car to drive into the garage all by itself Marcus Ria’s must have driven in to discourage thousands of times. He helped develop the system This is the remote parking pilot that allows the customers to comfortably have their car parked in the garage via their smartphone We included a laser scanner that measures the garage with high precision the customers can use any parking space For example across a parking space or parallel to the road This means that they can also drive past parking spaces in a normal garage or a public car park Activate the function from inside the car and then conveniently let the vehicle park itself via smartphone The development of the car is nearing its goal the a8 is of course offered worldwide Its most important sales market will be China For this reason the Ingolstadt based manufacturer maintains its own development center in this big country Where each new Audi model is adapted to the special requirements of this market The fuel is one of the main reasons why we were hedging in China at all The quality is very greatly from province to province and also from season to season The motor withstands the mountain air without any problems But thin air combined with poor fuel quality can lead to poor running Therefore every conceivable complication right up to series production must be ruled out Here around the Himalayas we once again check the applications regarding the engine and transmission How is the cars? Dynamics at high altitudes do we need to adjust the transmission or the engine tuning does the engine start nicely even at high? altitudes and in thin air The camouflage of the aid makes sense even in the remotest regions of the world although these curious monks from a monastery near songpan certainly won’t tell 7:30 a.m.

Local time in Chengdu China Cut simul and his colleagues are getting ready for a hard day of testing 8 hours of traffic. Chaos, lie ahead of the Bavarians now It may sound strange to us Europeans But the Chinese AAA customers will drive their large sedans almost exclusively in the big cities, which are extremely crowded No wonder as 15 million people live in Chengdu alone At peak times especially in the morning or evening hours If the traffic here is unbearable, it takes an hour to drive 5 kilometers This is not about dynamics or chassis design In China the same systems that we use in Europe are active such as start/stop systems Of course, these are in use much more frequently in city traffic The same goes for the horn as a car without a horn is basically unthinkable in China Our society is changing the digitization of many areas of our lives takes place at all levels the Big players in the digitization industry like Apple Google or Samsung point the way ahead For the car manufacturers, this means that they need to follow suit Stick weasels car warned Customers are used to using touch surfaces on their devices in their everyday lives So our task was the trends for this kind of lifestyle and operation with the corresponding displays into our car without forgetting the typical Audi virtues The a8 follows this path consistently Switches or levers are almost impossible to find in the interior of the a8 Instead touchscreens take over their tasks.

These features have existed for years But for their top model Audi have added a delicacy to their menu When a certain force is reached a small vibration is generated that gives the brain the feeling of pressing the button Many AAA customers will have someone else drive them which is why the comfort features of the limousine must also be accessible from the rear This is done via a smartphone shape tool You can operate the air conditioning or the massage functions You can control the scent in the vehicle the interior lighting or the complete infotainment Package that includes the radio or multimedia from all kinds of sources, but you can also make a simple telephone call Today the a8 graduates from high school So to speak Rupert Adler chairman of Audis management board personally takes the exam in his own hands The manager asks for the status of development and also takes a close look at the control panel Today I want to focus on the acoustics There are still minor details here and there if you look at the tightness of these nets for example These things will need to mature further during the industrialization process.

I Experienced the car half a year ago a Quarter of the year ago a month ago. And now I realize it’s close. The car has matured quite nicely in a way that fits If someone is replenish one artist, it’s like a pregnancy that’s this baby text you can tell the baby is growing and thriving Matures in a way where it can be judged these moments are important to me We need to know Pastas what we decided to or three years ago actually fit into today’s world and will the customers accept it the way we want it to be Oh, Onion, I think it will be a slam dunk I’m quite convinced to that Someone’s a help our main focus was the luxury limousine segment We want to achieve that the customers who buy such a car and usually sit in the back simply feel good The seats in the previous generation Models were always rather taut and I said friends we have to produce the best set of seats in the world That’s what our customers expect soft seats where they can snuggly lean their heads back feel the comfort The warmth it should feel utterly pleasant It’s the final phase of the a ADEs development it’s all about fine-tuning now at the so-called meister Bach in neck assalam The technicians ensure the quality of the individual components and assess their precision Have all gap dimensions within the specified range and where to improve them.

Still need to be made Andreas Burruss Department follows all stages of development and shall ensure perfect quality up to the series production During the usual development of the vehicle We have to go through about five to six stages in the case of very complex Very complicated components as is also the case with new technologies. There can be up to 10 different stages We put a lot of energy and love into our vehicles Especially in the interior the demands are very high is wood aluminium and leather a perfect match Small markings indicating accuracies Doesn’t for us these are the working points with which we display the current Improvement measures together with our colleagues and the component supplier.

We say we are not in default We are not there as we imagined it and they’re really being worked through point by point There are strict specifications for each component which the suppliers must meet the high expectations only if they stand up to the Scrutinizing examination of the Meister Bob team and their measuring instruments. They’ll be approval There are clear guidelines for our suppliers, which we thoroughly check here on a technical side Which means we measure everything But we also feel it because of many things especially in the luxury segment can only be discerned by human beings There’s also some drastic treatment during development At a strictly fenced off test area near Ingolstadt the a8 is being tortured In just under five months twelve years of a car’s life are simulated in The so called english tag corrosion and aging test I nca for short the paint is scratched and sprayed with salt water The car is driven through mud and salt puddles and bombarded with gravel several times If the d5s body consists of a complex mixture of materials So corrosion is a big challenge in many ways furthermore the body has many components which all need to be sealed against each other which is why the sealing concept at the d5 is very complex and elaborate and Most drivers would never do this to their cars, but the process helps the engineers to ensure quality This shows where wear and corrosion occur prematurely Necas olam in autumn 2017 Series production of the a8 is largely automated What started with the design draft over four years ago is now put together on a production line This is a very special moment for me and my team because we once again can witness when technological history in automotive engineering is written The Audi employees have come a long and exciting way Their combined skill and passion once again proved the slogan Porsche boomed or technique to be true Everyone involved is proud of their joint performance I’m excited about the vehicle.

It fills me with pride All a eights are produced for the world market in Necas all The cars that are now built here in the early stages will go to the IAA in September 2017 as well as press and marketing events Soon after production is in full swing and the first customers received their Oda aid You You I just You.