In today’s video, we discuss the 43 best men’s classic style blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram and tumblrs. So what do you mean by classic men’s style? We mean timeless elegance that is not trend driven. We talk about quality, not about quantity.

We just want you to look great without having to worry that you need to change something anytime soon. Let’s start with our top 10 classic style blogs because there are a lot of them out there and we try to identify the best ones. Now, best in general is very relative and subjective, therefore, we list them in alphabetical order so you can figure out what works for you. The first blog to look at is articles of style. It features a lot of awesome photography. It has gone through a lot of iterations name-wise but the style has always been classic and in the last year, they added on their own clothing line but nevertheless, they continue to produce high quality content especially original photography that I really like and it’s truly inspirational.

To learn more about the article of style’s philosophy, please check out our video interview with the founder, Dan, here. Next up, Claymoor’s list. It’s a blog dedicated to shoes entirely and it has a rich history with interviews, photos, lots of inspirations so if you like shoes, head over there. Die, Workwear! is a wonderful blog. It’s very detailed, it talks about niche things and one thing that it does really well is that it provides a lot of pictures that are truly inspirational.

So if you’re interested in the craftsmanship, this is a blog to watch. HeSpoke Style stands out because he has not just the classic style but also a very high quality photography which is why I always go back there to take a look. To learn more about the founder, Brian Sacawa, please check out our video interview with him, here. next up is Milanese special selection. It’s a blog that’s in French and features bespoke shirts, suits, shoes, ad anything else you could get custom made.

While the name implies that it’s just focused on Milan, it extends way beyond that, if you can’t speak French, use google translator. Another French contender is the Parisian Gentleman. Run by Hugo Jacomet and Sonya Nicholson. It dedicates its writing to longer articles, the way we like them. They are very detailed, they are about style, as well as bespoke and craftsmanship. Another well-known blog is Permanent Style and Simon Crompton. You can check out our video interview with him here. They focus on luxurious goods, bespoke, English and Italian mainly but also French and other houses from around the world. Simon is a very good writer and you can definitely check it out. A smaller blog that I personally really like is called Sartorial notes. It’s run by the Danish Torsten Grunwald.

He’s very tall himself and so he loves bespoke but he also explores more continental tailoring and or that reason, I include him in the list. Next up is street x sprezza which is a blog by Ethan Wong. And you can read our interview with him, here. He’s a shorter guy, a younger guy who loves vintage and buying suits on a budget so if that sounds like you, please head over there. If you like a clean business-like modern aesthetic, you should take a look at the Nordic Fit. Juho runs a tumblr there but he also writes articles and has nice outfit inspirations that are subtle yet unique and not over the top.

For bonus blogs about classic men’s style please head on over to our full guide on our website, here. Next up let’s talk about the 10 best men’s style YouTube channels. We included everything that is related to men’s style and not too fashion driven. The biggest channel out there is undoubtedly AlphaM run by Aaron Marino, covers everything from grooming, style, and self-improvement and you can check out our interview with Aaron here. Definitely worth the look. Second comes Real Men Real Style which is run by my friend Antonio Centeno. He is focused on the average dude who simply wants to improve his style and recognizes that the clothes really matter, they have an impact on their career and their life. He has lots of videos, lots of illustrations and it’s definitely worth the look. To learn more about him personally, check out our interview, here. Third channel you should check out is Teaching Men’s Fashion which is run by Jose Zuniga and they’re based out of Florida and they focus not just on fashion but also on style, they’re more focused towards millennials, so if that’s you, head over there.

The 4th channel that’s really good is the modest man which focuses on men of shorter height but in general, his tips are good and apply to all men. If you want to check out an interview with Brock and to learn more about short men style, head over here. Channel number 5 is Ashley Weston.She’s a celebrity menswear stylist from Hollywood and she has a bubbly personality and just has a woman’s take on men’s style. Channel number 6 is the Gent’s lounge. It’s a duo of two young men who focus on millennials and they have good tips about clothing, boots, and shoes.

Channel number 7 is masculine style by Tanner Guzy which is more of a vlog style and he discusses the philosophy of dressing and how it impacts others around you. Channel number 8 is Paul McGregor from the UK. He focuses on self-improvement, as well as clothes, style for the younger European or British gent. Number 9, it’s again HeSpoke Style, Brian Sacawa, also has a YouTube channel and while ha had stopped for a while, it seems like he picked it back up and the aesthetic is in a very high level which is why we included him here.

Last but not the least, there is the Gentleman’s Journal which is a print magazine with a YouTube channel that focuses on 90 second videos or anything less than that. Next up, let’s talk about our 10 favorite instagrammers. First of all, I like BnTailor from Korea which is a bespoke tailor and they have beautiful outfits that show their tailoring as well as combinations. Second is Fabio Attanasio from the Bespoke Dudes, he’s a Neapolitan based in Milan who focus a lot on bespoke and has his own sunglass line. Another usual suspect, heSpoke style.Very high-quality photography and that shows also in his Instagram channel. Next up is menswear writer Aleks Cvetkovic. We interviewed him before on our channel and he has a very unique style of combining classic clothing with a twist. If you’re into shoes, definitely check out Dandy Shoe care because they do custom patinas and although it’s a new channel, they have beautiful photos and stunning examples of how to polish your shoes. If you’re a white collar office worker, check out Dresslikea from Atte from Finland who’s a labor lawyer and has a very subdued style that is unique and bespoke driven.

For a more Scandinavian take on style, check out Andreas Weinas and we have an interview with him here. He has a beard, likes monochrome outfits, and is overall a very stylish person. For a more Eastern European slash London take on Fashion, please check out Mikolaj’s Blue Loafers where he focuses on bespoke things, off the rack things, and he just has a very good way of combining colors. If you enjoy vintage fashion or 1920s and 30s, definitely check out Dandy Wellington because he lives and breathes this style with every ounce of his body. For a bonus instagrammer, please check out our website here. Last but not the least, let’s talk about tumblr which I like for visual inspiration.

Pictures are much larger than Instagram, you can really see the details and I personally really appreciate that. Personally, my favorite tumblr is voxsartoria because he combines his sublime personal outfits and style with vintage movie star photos which are very in-depth and usually a series so, if you want inspiration from different decades, definitely check it out. Second is Sprezzatura Eleganza which is a blog, lots of outfit inspirations, they constantly post new pictures and I just like to look at it to get a better idea of what I want to do. Third is Italian industrialist intellectual style.As the name implies, it focuses more on CEOs of Italy which is a lot less colorful and more subdued than what you might know from Pitti Uomo.

The same goes for Agnelli-esque which has a great selection of pictures of seasoned gentlemen but also some younger chaps that are timeless. Forno is a wonderful tumblr that features young and old as long as they have classic men’s style. Italian cut is very much focused on Italian style or Italian interpretation of style. Treviorum is a collection of wonderful outfits and although not updated very often, it’s an excellent archive to look up vintage outfits for men. Another personal favorite is Le Grimod which is run by the German haberdasher who is very tall and has a very unusual, unique, and classic style and he posts a lot of outfit combinations which are a great inspiration for your outfits. If you think we forgot anybody on our list, please leave a comment below!