Hey guys, fashion is a big hobby of mine and I’ve always said that it’s part of a healthy lifestyle. When you like the way you look you’re gonna be more comfortable and confident at the same time. So, what I’ve done here is put together six of my favourite looks for the upcoming winter months. New York winters can be absolutely brutal. That’s why you need a heavy jacket and I picked out this long, heavy parka ’cause it does a great job at keeping you warm but still looking stylish without being too puffy. Plus, if you pair this nice red with a simple black T-shirt, simple black jeans, and black high-tops, you get an awesome look for you to have a casual outfit to hang out with your buddies.

 Whether you want to dress up or dress down, you need to have a well fit peacoat. It can go with something as simple as a T-shirt or a perfectly fit suit. If you’re gonna be wearing a suit in the winter I recommend darker tones, like a rich burgundy or a deep brown. As far as footwear goes with a peacoat, I highly recommend getting a Chelsea boot. I even have the same shoe in different colours because they’re so functional. You’re able to keep your feet dry and they’re so easy to slip on and slip off, all while looking stylish. (upbeat hip hop music) (cheerful hip hop music) ♪ Eye, eye, there goes the sight from my sore eye ♪ Cold weather is not an excuse to avoid exercising. In fact, if you get yourself some new gear you can use that as motivation to hype up your exercise routine and go out for that extra run.

It’s important that you choose the proper clothing when you do go outside for a run ’cause you don’t wanna wear anything too heavy that’ll weigh you down. I like to wear compression gear both on top and on bottom. You see I have these awesome leggings on which give you some structure in addition to warmth. Plus, you just throw some shorts over for a little bit of added warmth where it counts and then you have a nice light jacket, a sporty fleece, or something to throw over in case you get really cold. But when I’m actually going for my jog, I like to take off the top and just run in my compression gear. This outfit is one I would call meet your girlfriend’s parents outfit.

‘Cause while it’s stylish, it’s not too fashion forward. This outfit contains a few classics that every man must have in their wardrobe. A nice pair of winter boots, a nice shearling jacket, and a classic pair of blue jeans. Plus, you can get some nice accessories like leather gloves, a scarf, to help you stay warm and trust me, in this bad boy, I’m quite warm.

Smart casual is the perfect name for this look because you’re comfortable enough to wear a hoodie, but you still look fashionable and smart enough ’cause you have fitted pants. You also have nice dress shoes on and really if you used the coloring you could bring together the perfect fall and winter look.

The homie outfit. It’s good enough to just hang out and chill on the couch, watching Netflix, but it’s also warm enough to wear outside on even really cold days. All you have to do is pair a nice vest with a terry crew sweater, throw a T-shirt underneath, with really baggy sweatpants and you’re pretty much all set.

Top it off with some shoes that you don’t even need socks with. I mean these shoes are made of 100% wool, as comfortable as it gets. I wanna make a quick point here. While I do occasionally splurge on some of my items in my wardrobe, most of them are very reasonably priced. So, that goes to show you don’t have to break the bank to look good and stay warm this winter. I know some of you are more interested in suits, specifically, and if you are head on over and watch my how to suit up video which goes into depth talking about all the details you need to know when picking out a suit.