About us

Our business is managed from one location in Australia.

Loving the luxury aesthetic on Instagram we started to browse accessories currently available on global markets and loved the simplistic style of beaded bracelets.

This is when we saw the price our competitors sell them for.

We thought we could do better. So, we did.

To combat high overheads, we ship directly from our processing locations to anywhere in the world.

This cuts out the middle-men and need for raising our price to bring you the same high quality products without a premium cost.

It’s that simple.

How we keep our prices lower than competitors?

Because we ship direct to the world from our warehouse, we skip all the bullshit in between that causes prices to increase, giving middlemen and retail stores money for nothing.

We ensure quality products despite low prices.

We have taken the time to source the right materials and the best logistics to maintain a level of care you would expect to receive.

Our guarantee

No matter where you are, if you aren’t satisfied with what you receive get in contact with us and we’ll help sort something out.

Often we’ll even throw in something extra with your order free of charge.


We do not run a bricks and mortar store (because it’s the future).

Shipping worldwide directly from our warehouse means we cut out all the middlemen grabbing at their share of profit – this is how we can keep our prices so low.

There’s no sacrifice on quality and we have a refund guarantee, so shop knowing you’re in good hands.

Usually you will receive your item in 1-2 weeks depending on where you are located and the quality of your local postal service.

In Australia ours sucks.

Shipping can take up to 40 days although this is extremely rare.

Tracking is applied to all purchased items and will be made available on request after the item has shipped and tracking becomes available.